Work as a Gas Station Manager in Canada

Do you want to work in Canada? There is a vacancy for a gas station manager and the job requirements are listed below. Working as a gas station manager is one of the most profitable jobs in Canada and even the requirements are not hard to get. An average person could get the job.

A gas station manager supervises the entire operations at a gas station. As a gas station manager, you will occasionally have a shift with other employees and other times manage the store on your own. Your responsibilities consist of meeting customers’ needs, maintaining the facilities, and even helping people pump gas in their cars when needed. Additional duties might include counting inventory and ordering merchandise such as; snacks, drinks, cigarettes, and toiletries. As a gas station manager, you manage employees, which involves you training new workers and creating the work schedule. You are also responsible for handling sales at your gas station and making sure employees are meeting sales quotas

How Can I Become a Gas Station Manager?

It takes several qualifications and effort to become a successful gas station manager. Even though there are no specific educational requirements, you still need relevant experience to be a manager. 

Some employers would prefer their managers to have at least a high school diploma, be at least 25 and be eligible to work in Canada.  But one key factor all employers want is for the applicant (you) to have strong managerial skills.

 You have to develop leadership skills, as you now supervise several employees. You also need to have sturdy time management skills, because you are not just managing your own time but also your employees’ schedules. A basic math and calculation skill and the ability to create and successfully follow a budget to make payroll is needed too.

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And in everything you do, ensure you have excellent customer service skills coupled with plenty of experience working with people. Having great customer service skills alone can make your station successful as people are ready and willing to patronize you.

You can become a gas station manager by working your way up from an entry-level position at a gas station. Another option is to gain manager experience at another store or location and use it to your advantage when applying for the job.

The average gas station manager salary in Canada is $55,575 per year or $28.50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $44,850 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $67,685 per year.

To summarize 

Job Requirements for a Gas Station Manager are:

  1. Language: English
  1. Education: High school diploma (in some cases, just having experiences is enough)
  1. Experience: 2 years minimum 
  1. Specific Skills Required: 
    1. Create and implement marketing strategies.
    2. Determine products and services to be sold.
    3. Determine staff requirements.
    4. Manage staff and assign duties.
    5. Create budgets and monitor revenues and expenses.
    6. Resolve problems.
    7. Effectively manage daily operations.
  1. Work conditions:
    1. Fast-paced environment.
    2. Ability to work under pressure.
    3. Meeting tight deadlines.
    4. Attention to detail.
    5. Work Location Information: Urban areas
  1. Personal Suitability:
    1. Team player
    2. Excellent written communication
    3. Energetic
    4. Time management
    5. Quick learner
    6. Adaptability 
    7. Client focus

If you possess all these skills and requirements then getting a managerial job at a gas station will be easy for you. Check your local job site to see open jobs positions for gas station managers

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