To be eligible in the PGWP and to work in Canada legally following the completion of your program, it is essential that your student’s permit is valid. The deadline to apply for the Post Graduation Work Permit is 180 days from the date you receive the transcript or the letter of graduation However, the student may apply for the PGWP when they have received their confirmation of his school of study.


Work in Canada after having completed a course of study.

In the event that the student’s permit to study is valid and they’re in school, they have an opportunity to earn up to 20 hours per week. And that’s all there is. After graduation and receiving the official certificate of completion and a certificate of completion, the right for working in Canada is suspended automatically. But, when an international student submits to apply for the Post Graduation Work Permit, they’ll be in the so-called implicit situation (permission granted by the Canadian government to ensure that the applicant can continue to enjoy his legal standing in Canada until the decision about the application is processed) After that, they are allowed to work full time and can work 40 hours per week.

What is the duration of this Post Graduation Work Permit valid for?

The timeframe of the PGWP is dependent on the length of the program The length of the course studies spans between 8 months and 1 year The pupil’s PGWP will be the same as their duration of study. In the event that the course was two years or more The Post Graduation Work Permit will be valid for three months (maximum time of validity).

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It is also important to remember that the final decision regarding the eligibility and duration for the PGWP is the sole obligation of the immigration official who will be evaluating the situation of every international student.

PGWP and Spouse (spouse or wife)

The spouse of an international student (married or living in common law longer than one calendar year) may request an OWP (Open Work Permit) during the course of duration of study. When they graduate, they are able to extend their work permit but only in the event that they (PGWP candidate) when they submit applying has a proposal for employment that falls within the NOCS categories 0, A , or B.

Attention: We’re not talking about a firm which sponsors the student, or any process that requires one. LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) which is merely an evidence of contract. The applicant is still required to provide three pay stubs to prove.

Without this agreement the spouse’s options are limited to registering in an educational institution, and then continuing their studies as a student or remaining in Canada as a visitor up to the time that the spouse gets an offer of employment in Canada or, and only after that, apply for the renewal of a work permit.

Processing time and value of the PGWP

As per the Canadian government’s official website, the processing period of Post Graduation Work Permits is 83 days. Post Graduation Work Permit is the equivalent of 83 days (information obtained in June 2020). The website is updated regularly however it is crucial to remember that this duration could vary from one case to the next.

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For the price of applying for the PGWP is CAD $255.00. 255.00.

What is the maximum number of times I can apply for PGWP?

The applicant may make an application the PGWP at any time in the course of their entire life. Therefore, if a student plans to work full-time or even migrate to Canada We recommend to complete a program with a minimum of two years. This they can have the time to get experience in the Canadian market, and get the help of a work permit.

After the time my Post Graduation Work Permit expires?

We are aware that a course at the College in Canada isn’t inexpensive. The PGWP period is viewed as a fantastic chance to get back some the cost. If you plan to move to Canada following your time during the PGWP It is advisable to begin planning your move early!

If the student from outside plans to stay in Canada as an indefinite resident, with working permits then the best option is to have the work permit tied to a sponsorship. This is done through an application process called LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment). The process is performed by the employer and the employer must show that there aren’t any Canadian applicants who can meet the requirements for that job posting. It’s a long and intricate process, therefore we suggest the assistance of an immigration expert who is regulated.

If the student in Canada is determined to move to Canada to stay for the long haul, there is the possibility to apply for Canadian permanently resident status (PR) by utilizing CEC. CEC (Canadian Experience Class) program. This program to obtain immigration status in Canada is targeted at people who have at least one year of working experience in Canada within the last three years, with NOCs of 0, A, or B) and who meet the proficiency in the required level (which is different based on the NOC being questioned) as demonstrated through one of the official test (IELTS General and CELPIP for English or CELPIP for French, and TEF and TCF in French).

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