Which Are The Best Universities In Toronto, Canada?

Top Three Countries You Can Study For Free

Are you interested in studying in a place in which you don’t need to pay for your tuition? Many people wish to study abroad for a variety of motives, including a desire to travel abroad to study or need for an education of a high standard and an enjoyable living.

Which Are The Best Universities In Toronto, Canada?

Whatever the motivation students are typically faced with a single issue and one of the most common questions is “how do you do you fund your studies abroad”?

The living standards and the high quality of the universities and schools in a variety of nations has made it difficult for students with no money or a sponsor who is reputable to pay for. Without a grant or scholarship students are often difficult to afford or to continue to pay for their studies.

There are many ways for international students to fund their education abroad, particularly in Canada and you can learn more information about it here. One of the most effective methods to study abroad without putting a lot of money into your pockets is to locate countries that offer free education for all. It’s possible that you haven’t thought of it however, there are many countries that provide education for students from all over the world. from all over the world.

The countries below are among the top five countries in the globe where you are able to learn for free, and you don’t need to spend a dime. However, you’ll have to pay for other obligations like the cost of accommodation, transport and meals. Certain countries may also require proof of funds in shape of a financial statement in order to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover other costs, aside from tuition fees, which are free.

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Ryerson University

Here are three of the most popular countries in which you can get a free education. One issue you could face is obtaining a visa or traveling abroad if you do not have the right documentation or requirements to be admitted to the country. You can use this free assessment calculator which determines if you’re meeting the criteria for studying abroad.

Top Three Countries in the World to Study For Free


Germany is among the most desirable nations in Europe as well as the entire world, and is home to many of the most highly rated and prestigious universities. The the public or private universities of Germany is free for international and local students. There is no requirement to pay a modest cost of EUR100 (PS75) or EUR250 (PS185) for each semester. As for accommodation you should budget somewhere between EUR800 (PS595) up to EUR1000 (PS695) each year. It is a small cost to pay when compared to other top nations in Europe as well as around the globe.


Norway is among the most beautiful nations around the globe, with a variety of gorgeous and high-quality institutions that provide international students with tuition-free courses for postgraduate, undergraduate and doctoral degrees. The Norwegian government makes use of the money it collects from taxes paid in the country to pay for these courses. The disadvantage of the study within Norway is that a lot of universities offer classes with the Norwegian language. However, there are many universities offering classes which are taught in the English language. The best option is to master the Norway language in the first 6 months in Norway.

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Sweden also has the most prestigious universities in the world that offer stunning and modern educational environments suitable for students of all ages. The only thing that is expensive about Sweden similar to Norway is living expenses. The education system is free, however the cost of food accommodation, lodging, and other costs of living is very high.

What are the ways to pay for other Costs Since tuition is free

The above mentioned countries offer tuition free, however you will still have to feed yourself and cover your lodging that can be expensive. The most effective way to raise money and satisfy the requirement for proof of funds is to find the help of a sponsor. Sponsors do not need to be necessarily need to be a parent or relative, you are able to find sponsors in your local community, religious organizations or other organizations. For more information on how to find the right sponsors for studying abroad check out this article to get the complete guide to sponsorship.

Another method to cover lodging and other expenses when traveling abroad to study is to look for work. A lot of countries on this list allow students to work during their studies. This allows you to earn money for yourself as well as be financially self-sufficient and completely free.



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