scholarships in america

Top Scholarships In Canada For Immigrants and How to Apply

scholarships in america
scholarships in America

The procedure of applying for study abroad can be a daunting task and costly!

We have put together a listing of Canadian scholarships for students from abroad who want to study in Canada for your convenience.

The Canadian government and several postsecondary institutions offer international students the possibility to be awarded scholarships, grants, bursaries, or scholarships to help them pay for their studies.

In contrast to a loan, the cash received through the scholarship program doesn’t require repayment.

It is essential to keep in mind that the dates and eligibility requirements detailed here can change. It is suggested that you get in touch with the institution and organization to get updated data on deadlines.

The CanadaVisa Study Hub $500 Scholarship Contest

The CanadaVisa Scholarship Contest gives members of the CanadaVisa Study Hub the chance to take home $500. Each month, an individual member is selected randomly for the prize. It is organized to assist students studying abroad and postgraduate workers from Canada.

The contest can be found on the Study Hub, the online portal offering various tools and resources for international students seeking to maximize their experience living in Canada in their studies as students from abroad or graduates.

Eligibility conditions:

Deadline: No specified deadline

Global Affairs International Scholarship Opportunities for Non-Canadians

In its determination to be involved in international research collaborations, Canada partners with organizations across the globe to help promote the importance of international education by facilitating opportunities for research in Canadian universities. The amount of scholarships provided through Global Affairs Canada varies depending on the duration and the level of studies. In general, the range of scholarships is $7,200 up to 13,700.

Eligibility needs:

For applications to various fellowships, scholarships, and other awards through Global Affairs Canada, it is crucial to check the requirements for each one of the scholarships individually. In addition, some grants require that an application be made from the school of the destination. It is, therefore, crucial to gather all necessary documents and communicate with the school you want to attend.

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There are government scholarships available as short-term exchange programs, online study scholarships, and research projects.

Popular scholarships:

Canada-ASEAN Scholarships Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP), the Canada-CARICOM Leadership Scholarships, the Canada China Scholars’ Exchange Program, and the Canada Chile Leadership Exchange Scholarship

Deadline It varies based upon the program and is open at random times all through the year.

The deadline for short-term exchanges will be 11.59 p.m. EDT on 17 April 2018.

Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program (CGS M)

CGS M scholarship program is open to all students. CGS M program of scholarships is available to international students who have permanent residency status to help fund their studies in health and natural science, engineering, and humanities, social sciences, and humanities.

This award amounts to $17,000 and lasts as long as 12 months.

Every year, the program aids approximately 2,000 students in eligible Canadian educational institutions.

Eligibility conditions:

To apply to be a candidate for CGS M, you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent citizen of Canada;
  • are enrolled in, or have completed an application for, or plan to be applying for full-time admission to any approved graduate school at doctoral or master’s degree at a Canadian institution that has a CGS M allocation
  • not be a former recipient of CGS M (some exceptions apply) or
  • Have achieved a first-class standard according to the institution of their host in every one of the two years of full-time study (full-time equivalent).

It is essential to check the CGS M website for the specific CGS M website for more information regarding the eligibility requirements for the program.

Deadline 1 December; Submitting through this dedicated Research Portal.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) aids graduate students in funding their studies at a Canadian postsecondary institution. The scholarship is worth between $10,000 to $15,000 based on the number of terms in a program of study.

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It is supported by the Ontario provincial government and the school that the student is expected to attend. The potential winner is assessed by academic achievements, research skills as well as leadership and volunteer experiences.

Ontario invests around $30 million annually to help support the OGS program.

Eligibility conditions:

To be considered for the scholarship, you must:

  • You must be studying in a graduate program at the doctoral levels;
  • must be enrolled in full-time studies for a minimum of 2 periods (21 up to 52 weeks total) to be eligible for academic application
  • Be on a valid research permit or
  • Students attend an Ontario school that is a participant in the Ontario schools.

Deadline It varies based upon the program or department at the postsecondary school of study.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS) program is worth $50,000 annually during the three years of doctoral research at a Canadian higher education institution.

Vanier CGS Vanier CGS was launched in 2008 by The Canadian administration 2008 to draw international talent to Canada and aid in establishing Canada as top research and higher education destination.

The government picks between 167 and 167 Vanier CGS recipients each year.

Eligibility needs:

Vanier scholars are selected by their leadership qualities as well as academic excellence at the graduate level.

In the majority of cases, to be considered a Vanier scholar, you must:

  • You must be enrolled in a Ph.D. program at a Canadian university;
  • Meet the criteria for evaluation of research excellence, academic excellence as well as leadership
  • Get a nomination from the Canadian postsecondary institution you prefer.

Date of Deadline The nominations period is currently over for nominations. Results from the nomination process last year will be announced by April 2018. For more information on the scholarship process, visit the government website.

Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS)

The Government of Ontario introduced the OTS program in 2010 to bring the top international students to Ontario to complete their Ph.D. research.

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OTS awards amount to $40,000 per year, and they are automatically renewed every three years after the initial year. It is crucial that the recipient is on an academically sound record and continues to fulfill the requirements for eligibility to qualify for OTS.

Eligibility needs:

To be eligible for the OTS To qualify for the OTS, you must:

  • have an active Canadian study permit that is valid;
  • are planning that you pursue full-time master’s study at the doctoral degree level in the degree-granting program
  • are highly experienced in research and have a high potential, paired with an exceptional academic record.
  • Be present and fully registered within your Ph.D. course at the postsecondary institution before the award’s commencement date and throughout the program.

International students can benefit from OTS. OTS at a variety of universities that are eligible Ontario universities.

Specific scholarships for schools

Canadian universities and colleges could provide unique admissions scholarships to international students. The fellowships and awards are usually merit-based and come with specific criteria based on academic standing and duration of the program.

A few of the most important awards include:

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