working in canada

Top 20 Canada Jobs For Immigrants: How To Apply

work in canada
work in Canada

Canada is the land of opportunities. For more than 300,000 people admitted to our country every year, the desire for a better future becomes possible.

You’ve heard of the incredible advantages of being a resident and worker in Canada, including universal health as well as education. Progressive social government and its popularity for kindness, high quality of life, and enchanting natural setting. What are the ways Canada helps you in your professional and personal development? What are the best opportunities for immigrants in the years 2020 and beyond? Find out more below!

Canada is the 10th largest economic growth in the entire world. Statistics Canada reported that Canada had created an astonishing 290,000 job openings on May 20, 2020. In just one month, the increase in jobs represents the most significant rise Canada has experienced in its 45 years. Economic experts believe that if this pattern continues, it will reduce the gap between lost jobs and those gained because of COVID-19. The majority of jobs that are created will be within Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta. This is excellent news for those who wish to migrate to Canada by 2020 through one of the more than 70 immigration and visa programs in place.

New jobs are opening up in Canada’s Provinces
Province Neue Jobs
Quebec 300, 000
British Columbia 43 300
Alberta 28 200
New Brunswick 16,800
Manitoba 13 100
Newfoundland and Labrador 10 000
Nova Scotia 8,600
Prince Edward Island 2,600
Saskatchewan 600
Ontario NA

Job Opportunities for skilled as well as Unskilled Workers

working in canada
working in Canada

Canada is in high demand for trained (professional or degrees-certificated) and unskilled (entry-level and on-the-job-experience) professions in various sectors. This increased need for workers can be attributed to several factors, such as an aging population, the lack of enthusiasm from younger Canadians to pursue specific intermediate-skilled jobs like trucking farming, forestry, and other laborious trades, as well as the growing popularity of cities (Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal) which leaves the large areas of remote Canada in a state of depopulation and the lack of skills needed.

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Foreign nationals who want to pursue higher-quality lifestyles and better opportunities overseas are a massive benefit in Canada. You can find the dream position in Canada with the skills, experience, and perseverance. Plus, your new job will include a high salary of around $52,600 per year; this is an average Canadian average. Suppose your family members join you in Canada. In that case, you’ll be able to receive additional benefits, including free, top-quality healthcare along with education available to all residents as well as citizens, provided by a compassionate and modern government.

These are 20 of the most most sought-after jobs for unskilled and skilled workers in 2020.

The top 20 occupations in demand across Canada for 2020
Job Average Annual Salary(CAD)
Registered or licensed Practical Nurse $76,342 – $129.781
Long Haul Truck Driver $44,850 – $75,000.
Welder $40,938 – – $69,595
Industrial Electrician $49,334 – $81,491
Aerospace engineer $89,700 $152,490
Software Engineer $92,450 – $157.165
Teacher at a Vocational College $47,736 to $75,408
Occupational Therapy Assistant $58,851 – $100,000.047
Aircraft Pilot $66110 – $1123,387
Early Childhood Teacher $33,150 – – $45,884
Cook or cook $25,350 – $59670
Farm Worker $22,620 – – $35,687
Pipefitter $63,239 – $87,828
Pharmacist $76,342 – $129,781
Construction Estimator $57,504 – 97,757
Business Management Consultant $75,692 – $128,676


3. Businesses that are profitable for immigrants

Have you got the knowledge to manage, start or purchase a company in Canada? Canada is recognized as one of the top countries for startups. Research and Development startups get significant tax relief, and their investors are entitled to claim up to 50 percent of their investments back by the federal government. The first step is to locate a venture capital or angel investor group in Canada to fund your business plan, and then you’re off to the races.

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If this isn’t enough news, business owners who wish to conduct business in their way are likely to be attracted by the provincial Nomination Program (PNP) initiative. Canada’s 13 territories and provinces have their investor and entrepreneur visa categories to allow for every kind of business.

Restaurant owners, farmers, business consultants, and businesses with a sustainable model worldwide are moving to Canada. This is because of the stability of Canada’s government, fair tax policies and government incentives, a low cost of living, and an attractive exchange rate.


Canada does not just want the money you earn; they also wish for you. Your business experience and knowledge can go a long way in helping communities grow and flourish and other parts of the country. Canada is open for applications – apply now!

4. Excellent Career Opportunities for students studying in Canada

642 12,000 international students are enrolled in colleges and universities all over Canada through 2020making Canada the 3rd most sought-after student destination around the globe! In addition, international students receive internationally recognized degrees from the top Canadian universities and colleges worldwide. Still, they also have the chance to remain and work in Canada following their graduation. They can do this by obtaining post-graduation Working Permits (PGWP).

These work permits for graduate students are distinct for a variety of reasons. In contrast to the standard Canadian ticket to work issued to foreigners, PGWPs does not restrict you to a specific employer or place of work. Overall, they do not require an employment offer to be eligible for PGWP.

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