Studying PhD In New Zealand With Scholarships

New Zealand is a fascinating island nation that lies in the Pacific ocean. The culture of New Zealand is a blend that includes European, Maori, Pacific Island and a few Asian culture.

Studying PhD In New Zealand With Scholarships

If you’re in the market for doctoral research, New Zealand would be the ideal location to provide you with a top-quality education, but also an unforgettable living experience. It is possible to afford a fantastic life if you choose to pursue an PhD within New Zealand with scholarships. The universities of New Zealand fall amongst the most prestigious 3% in the world as per the QS World University Rankings. The majority of top universities are funded by the government and attract hundreds of international students each the year to complete their studies. You can choose your research area from many areas like humanities and arts sciences, business, or specializations offered by universities.

Benefits Of Studying PhD In New Zealand With Scholarships

There are numerous schools that are located in New Zealand offering PhD packages including scholarship programs. Students interested in these programs don’t have to be concerned about their citizenship since they’ll pay the same amount as New Zealand locals, or perhaps less.

As opposed to other countries, New Zealand students are able to be full-time while completing in their PhD program at the University of New Zealand.

When they have completed their doctoral degree Students can request a post-study visa should they be placed or are interested in getting a job in that country.

The country is home to an experienced faculty with years of experience equipped laboratories, access to the latest technologies equipment, as well as opportunities.

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Students also enjoy the richness of life with snow-capped mountains the lush, green hills of green, steaming volcanic eruptions gold beaches and vast forests.

List Of Universities | PhD In New Zealand With Scholarships

There are eight institutions located in New Zealand that offer both international and domestic students the opportunity to pursue doctoral research within New Zealand. Although some universities provide scholarships for students, others accept students who have external funding choices. These universities offer doctoral degrees within New Zealand.

  • University of Auckland
  • Auckland University of Technology
  • Lincoln University
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • Massey University
  • The University of Waikato
  • The University of Canterbury
  • The University of Otago
  • University Of Auckland

PhD at the University of New Zealand with scholarships

It is the University of Auckland is one of the most renowned universities in the world, offering outstanding PhD programs to students studying various disciplines, including arts and business, as well as creative arts and industries, social work and education engineering and law medical and health sciences, and science. Students who study here have an the chance to be employed by UniServices that is the largest research and development firm which is owned and operated by the university.

University Of Auckland

University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarships are given to students who have achieved a high level of academic achievement seeking admission to the university. The scholarship is based on merit and is worth $28,500 per year, which includes the compulsory costs including the international insurance for health. The scholarship is available to both domestic students , as and international students who pay the same fee that domestic students pay. The scholarship period is the duration that is 36-months. If you have good academic performance then you are eligible to apply for this scholarship when making an application in your PhD program.

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Victoria University Of Wellington

It is the most prestigious research institute located in New Zealand. The university offers doctoral degrees within the departments of education music arts and health, midwifery, and nursing. It is also among the universities that offer PhD at the level of New Zealand with scholarships. It is among the 14 universities around the globe to have at least 5 stars in the QS World University Rankings. Researchers here have a the distinction of receiving more than 70 million dollars of grants from outside.

Wellington Doctoral Scholarships

The Victoria University of Wellington awards scholarships to PhD students according to their academic performance and/or previous research experience and their public documents. The scholarship is renewable for a period of three years, and is worth the sum of $27,500 per year as well as fees for tuition. The scholarship is only available to students who want to attend full-time at the university. University of Toronto accepts online application from students from both countries.

New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships 

The scholarships are provided through the Government of new Zealand and managed through Education New Zealand. They provide students with the opportunity to pursue a PhD within New Zealand with scholarships, which makes it a smooth and easy experience for students. There are numerous schools within New Zealand that accept students who have this award. The scholarships are awarded according to academic merits. The scholarship is renewable for three years. It includes all tuition costs as well as a monthly living allowance as well as an allowance for establishment, an allowance for travel, a health insurance allowance and the allowance for the thesis and book.

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To be in the running for a scholarship, students must:

  • Be International students
  • Have an A average or equivalent up to the present
  • You must meet the entry requirements into a doctoral degree program at an New Zealand university
  • Provide An Educational Credential Evaluation (ECE) Certificate
  • It is essential to prove that they were communicating with the department at the institution they have chosen and have discussed their research plans or research goals, as well as the possibility of obtaining suitable supervision
  • Prove English language proficiency

Selection Criteria

Candidates who want to pursue a PhD within New Zealand with scholarships will be assessed based on the following guidelines:


  • The applicant is a proven example of academic excellence that is sustained and has a particular focus in the discipline of study
  • The candidate has a clear research agenda or research interests and is looking to complete their studies at an New Zealand university with the know-how and resources to aid your research
  • The applicant is eligible for all requirements and has the appropriate documents

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