Simple Steps to Study in Canada For Africans 2022

It’s a goal for students to attend a university in Canada. In recent times, Canada has become the most sought-after destination for international students from all over the world. The possibilities, benefits high-quality education, work experience, cultural experiences and world market recognised certificates that you receive in Canada is unmatched by others.

Canada is home to some of the most prestigious universities around the globe. They include the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, McGill University and more. are among the most prestigious 100 universities in the world. The level of education that you get in Canada is of the highest standard and is able to be compared with a few institutions that are located in Canada. U.S. and U.K.

Canada is the second-largest country in the world. Each year, thousands of students each year are interested in studying in Canada because of the many opportunities offered by Canada for students from abroad. With the high-quality institutions, they are currently as well as the numerous opportunities for international students, such as a pathway to immigration following graduation, the ability of students to work during their studies and student grants, scholarships or loans. These have earned respect from employers and the global labour market which makes it simple for students to be employed in any job market where they are able to find themselves.

Conditions to study in Canada at the high school level

Gaining admission into a Canadian high school is not as difficult as gaining admission into a Canadian university. The minimum requirement is just a passing grade this is above 50% (Average)

But in order to study in Canada as a high school student, students will be required to provide several documents during their application process, which include

1. A copy of their passport
2. School results from the past 3 years
3. A completed application form
4. An eligibility declaration for admission

And also, as an international student, the need to have a high level of English language ability is required to study at an English-speaking high school in Canada. But the best part is, applications can be submitted without an English language test, but may be required to complete one online after an acceptance letter has been offered. In a situation where the student has a low level of English, one may be required to take ESL (English speaking language) course which might come at an extra cost.

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Although the process of gaining admission into high school in Canada is quite easy and less strenuous than the university, the minimum cost of yearly admission is around C$10,000/year and this is for schools in the rural part of Canada.

A quick search on Google for “High school tuition fee in Canada for international students” should give you an idea of the cost of getting enrolled for admission.

Conditions to study in Canada at the university level

To be able to study in Canada You must satisfy the following criteria and provide the required documents:

  1. Meet the requirements of the university you’re applying to.
  2. After you’ve selected the most suitable Canadian university and the program of study, you will need to complete the application form of the university.
  3. You must pass the cut-off for your language test to demonstrate that you are fluent in one of or both the English spoken language, or in the French language, which is both recognized official languages of Canada.

The following documents need to be submitted when you apply at the institution:

  • The high school certificate If you’re seeking an undergraduate degree or a Bachelor’s degree certification when you’re applying to an advanced degree.
  • Your CV or resume (if you’re applying to graduate programs)
  • Two reference letters
  • Proof of your financial capacity is required to sponsor you to Canada for at the very least one year.
  • An intent letter
  • A properly filled and filled out and
  • It is essential to submit your application by the deadline for application submission to the university date.

The conditions for the Student Visa

Once you’ve been accepted at a university in Canada You will be issued an acceptance letter that constitutes one of the conditions for obtaining a student visa.

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You’ll be required to submit the below documents:

  • A medical test report from a medical professional who is recognized
  • An official police report
  • Valid Passport
  • Documentation of funds
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • English Language Proficiency Exam Score
  • It is also important to make sure that the school you apply to is a member of the Designated Learning Institutions in Canada.
  • You must provide proof of funds sufficient to fund Your stay in Canada.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A University For You?

If you decide to attend a school in Canada it is important to ensure that the school is recognized by Canada’s Canadian administration to allow international students. In the event of omission, it could cause you to lose the student visa you have applied for, the cost for the acceptance fee or application form, and nearly all, your time.

It is essential to search for Designated Learning institutions in Canada to find schools that are suitable for your needs. Also, make sure that the institution you’re applying to has scholarships and grants for students and also that they have the programs you wish to pursue. You can locate them here.

How do you apply for a student visa or study Permit?

In order to apply for a student visa, you must first be accepted by a Canadian University, obtain an acceptance letter from your school. You must present the acceptance letter at the time you complete your application for a student visa.

It is recommended that you download an application for a student visa on the IRCC website and pay the applicable fees for the application. It is also required to submit supporting documents such as those previously mentioned in this article. You must scan them and upload them along with your completed application form.

You’ll require a credit card to cover all the fees that are required including application costs, and you’ll be required to provide your biometrics. This typically costs approximately $65

It’s time to begin making plans for your journey to Canada. After your application for a study permit is approved, you can begin planning your trip. Make sure you make your travel plans early enough before the start of your school’s term to ensure you don’t miss classes. You’ll need to show an introduction letter and travel visas to the Canadian port of entry. It will show that you have been granted the right to study and stay at a university in Canada for a certain duration of time.

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Why it is crucial To Study in Canada

You’re still not sure why you should attend a university in Canada? You may be contemplating the reason is Canada is home to thousands of students each year? Here’s the reason

Studying in Canada ensures your future. Canada gives you many amazing opportunities once you finish your studies. There are many graduate programs, including a the graduate work permit which allows you to stay permanently in Canada to gain Canadian work experience. This experience in the workplace will be a major element for you to take into consideration when you are looking for a job or applying for permanent residency in Canada.

Canada provides you with security and a safe learning environment. It is among the most peaceful and friendly nations on earth. Canada is ranked eighth on the list of the most peaceful nation on the planet according to the Institute for Economics and Peace.



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