Pros and Cons of Immigrating to Canada

Today we’ll discuss the pros and Pros of emigrating to Canada

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It’s always thrilling to move to a different country and to discover new cities. Additionally, depending on where you’re moving to there may be more job and earnings opportunities than your home country.

Immigrating is often a matter of the departure of your family, friends and everything you’ve known and moving to a new location that requires some time to understand or adapt to.

Then, it’s not any worse living in Canada because the country boasts among the top rates of naturalization worldwide. The majority of immigrants who have recently arrived don’t regret the decision of making the move to Canada.

Today, we’ll be discussing the pros and cons to the life in Canada.

  • Exploring Canada


A journey through this vast, beautiful country is something that you must do while living in Canada. It could take you a long time to discover and experience the beauty of Canada but it’ll be well worth it. Canada is the ultimate traveler’s destination due to its stunning natural surroundings (Banff National Park Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls), European architecture (Quebec City) and small coastal towns, endless restaurants, museums, parades, and festivals.


A trip to Canada can cost a significant cost. The domestic flight in Canada is quite expensive. Many say it’s more economical to take a flight from Toronto to one of the cities in the USA and then fly to Vancouver instead of flying direct to Toronto in the USA to Vancouver. This is mostly because there is a lack of competition between airlines.

  • The People
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It’s not just a myth. Canadians truly are extremely welcoming and humble, polite and gracious people, making it easy to meet new people and invite your neighbors to dinner. Canadians are also extremely accommodating to immigrants and newcomers of diverse races, ethnicities and different cultures. Canada is indeed proudly a multicultural country.


Expressing yourself in a direct, honest manner is not a good thing. It could be perceived as rude. In general, Canadians are very thoughtful in how they express their emotions, and they might not be very explicit. Therefore, this is something to think about. Canadians are typically shy and therefore it is harder to make new acquaintances in Canada.

  • Credit Score


When an immigrant makes the move to Canada and is not able to carry their credit history from their home country. This is a major inconvenience when you’ve earned an excellent credit score and want to buy a house and get an mortgage loan or credit card immediately.


The positive side is that the major banks in Canada offer packages for newcomers that include credit cards with a lower monthly limit and bank loans.

Also, if you did not have a great credit score in the country you grew up in it is possible to start with the right foot as a resident of Canada. Remember to pay your bills promptly.

  • Free Universal Healthcare


Canada is regularly ranked among the nations that has the best healthcare system because of its healthcare and the quality. Canada is a firm believer that everyone deserves equally excellent healthcare. While Medicare is a tax-funded program, Canada allocates a big part of its annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to healthcare.

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Newcomers who are new to Canada do not know that there’s a three-month wait before you are able to apply for your healthcare insurance in Canada and also access free health care services. This is why it’s essential to have private health insurance in this time.

The universal health insurance program in Canada is only for medically necessary health care. This means that should you require an operation, you’ll be covered. However, when you require glasses or braces then you’ll have to pay for it from your own pocket or could do what everyone else does : get private health insurance that covers the gaps Medicare does not.

  • The Weather


It’s good to know that Canada has four seasons that are well-defined. We can experience a stunning summer and be amazed by the vibrant autumnal season, and also have fun in winter, playing with the snow , and having fun by engaging in winter sports like snowboarding and skiing.


If you’re moving from an area that is tropical you may need some time to adjust to Canadian winter. In certain provinces, the winter temperatures can be as low as -20 degrees or -30 degrees and that’s a lot of cold, but don’t worry! You’ll never feel cold, as the cities provide an incredible infrastructure that includes an heating system and clothing to ensure that you don’t feel cold, even when outdoors.

In all in all, when it comes down to the essential aspects that directly impact your life quality, such as health and safety, affordability, employment opportunities, education freedom, equality and freedom – Canada is ranked first.

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