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It’s not all well for America’s image since its recent decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. This image is set to be hit with another blow because of the way in which it has handled the current Diversity Green Card Lottery winners as they try to move to America as part of the program.

The Final Court Hearing

Just a few more days until to the State Department to issue the remaining immigrant visas to recipients of the Fiscal Year 2021 Diversity Green Card Lottery program. From the 55,000 FY-2021 Diverse Visas (DV) granted by Congress to date, it has issued less than 14,000. State Department has issued less than 14,000. If there is no intervention from the courts or Congress the remaining visas are due to expire by the end of September 2021 and the visa pathway for tens and thousands of winners of the DV-2021 lottery will come to an end. As in the matter of Goodluck v. Biden in the California U.S. District Court lawyers representing over 22,000 plaintiffs and their families will have the last opportunity to discuss their main concerns regarding the expiration of the rights of lotto winners in the coming week. A video conference with U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta is scheduled for Monday, September 27 2021 to address this issue. Hearings will be available to people at 11 AM Eastern Standard Time here.

The Struggle to Get the Status of Immigrant

The Goodluck participants are four Cuban families that were winners in the 2021 Diversity Visa Lottery who made the extremely difficult and expensive trip to Cuba for Georgetown, Guyana based only on the belief that in accordance with an date of September 9, 2021, order within the Goodluck case the lottery winners would be able for an interview with the U.S. embassy there before the deadline of September 30. In a prior Goodluck court decision the judge Mehta had ordered that the State Department to make expeditious efforts in good faith to determine visas for DV-2021. For these four Cuban families, the decision hasn’t yet been successful. For Cuban visa-seekers travel to Guyana was required due to the fact that they were told that the U.S. Embassy in Havana was shut for three years. The trip took at least six flights and could cost as much as $5 per passenger. Similar trips were undertaken through Venezuelan lottery winner who traveled to Bogota and were unable to be invited for interviews in Bogota. In the case of these and other plaintiffs in the case the stakes are extremely high.

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Introduction to the Diversity Green Card Program

Immigration lawyers and other professionals who worked in the field years ago realized that some countries of origin such as Mexico, China, India and the Philippines were overflowing into the U.S. with immigrants. On the other hand, there were several countries that were underrepresented. For instance there were a small number of immigrants from African nations or smaller countries across the globe. To correct this issue, they petitioned Congress to adopt a law that would make as many as 55,000 Diversity Visas accessible in each fiscal year for people who are from countries that have low numbers of immigrants towards this country. United States. To ensure fairness, the program launched the annual lottery, so that potential immigrants from these countries can apply and have the same chance of being admitted into America. U.S. and at the simultaneously diversifying the immigrants. The Goodluck applicants are hoping to profit from their successes under this program.

Disappointing Contrast

Curtis Lee Morrison, a U.S. immigration attorney representing the Goodluck plaintiffs, stated “I can’t believe what these families have gone through to legally immigrate to the United States, after being selected and essentially invited to do so.” He continued, “What is most remarkable is the contrast between the Biden Administration’s public-facing pro-immigrant positions, and the intensity in which Department of Justice lawyers continue to defend the State Department’s Trump-era policies that were carefully designed to reduce existing immigration paths.”

In addition to Cuban or Venezuelan applicants There are more than two thousand Afghan winners of the DV-2021 program and their families awaiting for interviews for their immigrant visas but no interviews were granted from authorities at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul until it was shut down at the end of August, 2021. in the meantime, the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad has refused transfer requests from a few of them, as per Morrison.

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Afghans Are Among DV Lottery Winners

Many Afghan winners of the DV-2021 fear that their lives could be in danger as they plan to move in the USA. Morrison represents 40 Afghan families who have been DV-2021 defendants in the Goodluck lawsuit. According to Morrison the lawyers representing the government have said that “To the extent any DV applicants from Afghanistan have already travelled to a third country (or will travel) and have contacted the post in that country to request to have their DV case adjudicated at that post, then the post will make a decision based on its local COVID-19 conditions and available interview appointments.” But, Morrison believes more could be done to assist these families get into America. United States and will argue his case in justices.

Permanent Resident Green card issued by the United states of America on the flag of USA

Why the Program is Effective

There are two reasons that you should consider the Diversity Lottery is among the most effective program for immigration within the United States. First, it broadens the population of immigrants who are inbound according to what Congress had intended. Although the beneficiaries of the program might be changing in the past but the diversity aspect is still. Furthermore, this is among the very few programs where the average person, or someone who has no family or financial connections is able to move legally into this country. This is in stark contrast to American values.

Credibility at Risk

Although the contestants on the Goodluck case have a second chance to obtain relief at the U.S. District Court on September 27th, in absent of an unusual ruling from the judge and the hundreds of winners in the lottery are expected to lose their hard-earned right to move in this country U.S. this year. It will be a slap not just to those who won with the draw, but also to its credibility as well as America overall.

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