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Interesting Facts About Canada Every Student Must Know

From finding hidden passages in The University of Alberta, to having the chance to earn a degree in the field of brewing, you’ll discover an abundance of interesting information concerning Canada as you become acquainted with the area.

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Being accepted into top Canadian schools these days isn’t such an issue because of the high rate of acceptance which make it a great choice for students. In addition to the university there’s much more in Canada to enjoy about. If you’re talking about stunning landscapes or the thrilling city life, you’ll be awestruck by what Canada offers you. To help you get started I’d like to share some fun facts about Canada which might be interesting to you.


Most Interesting Facts About Canada

# 1 Canada Day Is A Fun Day

You’ll be celebrating Canada Day on the July 1st day of each year. Traditional parades, RCMP musical rides, picnics and fireworks, as well as sporting events are just some of the events you’ll be able to experience. Additionally, Canada Day has been declared an official national holiday, meaning that as a student , you’ll get the entire day free. Take advantage of your vacation and learn many interesting facts about Canada as you go. To make things easier it is possible to look over the table below to discover the way Canadians typically celebrate this holiday and how you can create a grand celebration for yourself.

# 2 Watch Out For Snakes

Everyone thinks of Australia as the fabled city of snakes in the world. However, while this is to be true however, one of the more fascinating things about Canada that you’ve likely never had the opportunity to learn about is the fact that there’s an area of snakes located in Manitoba. The 70,000 snakes that were discovered to be able to emerge from hibernation in Manitoba and is thought to be the biggest snake population anywhere in the world. If you’re a student who wants to go to the renowned University of Manitoba, beware of each step you take!

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Calgary is among the cities with the highest number of students in Canada. If you’re keen on exploring Canada both inside and outside You must definitely be aware of the activities you can do and see in Calgary.

# 3 Maple Syrup Will Be Your Go To

Every sweet treat that is consumed in Canada is served by a sprinkling in maple syrup. Actually, Canadians are so fond of maple syrup that they are able to see the maple leaf design on the flag of the country. The thing that makes maple syrup a one of the most interesting information concerning Canada is that of the world’s maple syrup, approximately 71% of it comes from Canada 91% of it is found in Quebec in particular, According to Pure Canada Maple. The maple leaf that is on the Canadian flag is a symbol of unity, tolerance and peace, which is exactly which is what Canada as a nation is known for.

# 4 Are You Acquainted With Liam From Vancouver?

An extremely popular Canadian inquiry that’s posed of all who are or is from Canada or has ever been to Canada to be exact Are you familiar with Liam from Vancouver”? This brings us to one of the fascinating facts about Canada which is that the country is larger than the whole European Union as a whole. According to statistics, Canada is a nation which is 33 times larger than Italy fifteen times larger than France and 5 times larger than Mexico and is roughly the size as the 81,972 Walt Disney Worlds put together. To put it in simple terms, ‘No you’re probably not familiar with Liam from Vancouver which is only a tiny fraction of the country’s size.

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# 5 An Act Of Apology Was Passed In 2009

If someone apologizes towards you from Canada Consider it an opportunity to “expressing sympathy or regrets” to you. Canadians are known for their gracious manner and the habit of saying often to say sorry in such a way that their habit resulted in being a victim of the Apology Act which was passed in 2009. The law made apology statements inadmissible when a court case is being heard. Therefore, the next time you are involved in a dispute with someone from Canada and want to settle things with no apology but you’re still able to apologize and not be able to prove that in the least. So long as you’re living in Canada and you’re in Canada, it’s possible!

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