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How to Immigrate to Canada by starting a business

There are numerous programs to entrepreneurs from outside the country who wish to establish their own company in Canada and, in turn help promote the growth of Canada’s economy and job creation.

Immigrate to Canada by starting a business

This section we’ll look at three different choices including the Startup Visa program, Provincial Entrepreneurs Programs and Self-Employed program.

Startup Visa Program

Its Start-Up Visa Program targeted at international entrepreneurs who have an original idea.

To be eligible to apply for the start-up visa You must:

  • Have a qualifying business;
  •  Request a letter the support of a specified group;
  • Minimum CLB (Canadian Level Benchmark for Language) level 5 for your results in language proficiency;
  •  Present proof of minimum amount of funds.

To determine if your plan or business is eligible for the Start-up Visa Program, trust our immigration experts! Consult for the one or the Regulated Canadian immigration consultants!

Provincial Entrepreneur Programs

Provincial Entrepreneurship programs usually require experience in senior management with a solid net worth, and cash reserves to make investments in Canada. The amount of money needed begins at CAD$100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand Canadian dollars).

Alongside the investment, you need to be able to prove that your venture will be financially viable and employ at minimum one Canadian permanent resident or citizen of Canada.

In many programs, you’re also required to show a minimum standard of proficiency in English and French.

There are a variety of options for you to choose from according to the province you choose to work in as well as the type of business potential investment you’re interested in making.

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You can apply for immigration through the Self-Employed Self-Employed

In order to move into Canada to work as an independent individual it is necessary to possess relevant experience in either cultural or athletics. It is required that you possess at least 2 years prior to the date of your application. You must also be able and willing to contribute significantly to the sporting or cultural lifestyle of Canada.

Like that of Express Entry, the Self-Employed Program is also a points system that is based on points, and in which you need to earn at minimum 35 points to qualify.This program is based on the following aspects:

* Age (Maximum of 10 points)

* Educational (Maximum 25 Points)

* Experience (Maximum of 35 points)

* Proficiency in English (Maximum in 24 marks)

* The ability to adapt (Maximum 6-Points)

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