Effect Of Covid-19, Brexit On Studying And Working In The Uk

For a lot of Indians for a lot of Indians, the UK is among the most sought-after places to study and for the possibility of settling in another country.


But, the recent conclusion of Brexit with an additional student route starting in October 2020 and a skilled worker routes starting in December 2020, along with the current pandemic scenario will impact people who are in the UK for work or study according to Dattatraya Kadikar, Immigration expert and founder of HSMP Services UK.

Kadikar further states:

The new rules for immigration post-Brexit stipulate it will be The Graduate Route will allow two years of non-sponsored residency in the UK following the completion of an undergraduate or master’s degree or three years after finishing an PhD.

While the work visa that replaced the Tier 2 General Visa, will give opportunities to IT Health, Legal as well as R&D specialists from India.

In the wake of Brexit in the first place students from India are expected to enjoy more opportunities to study and work visas. However, Brexit and the pandemic have had a major impact on UK industry and business. The demand for talent has changed over the past few years. Newcomers to the UK must make sure that their abilities and experiences are needed in the UK after Brexit, in the after-pandemic time.

A lot of the jobs in the UK could be eliminated following the pandemic and there could be a need for upgrading or adapting to the requirements.

The UK has become a global center for R&D and finance industries. With the changes to UK immigration laws, UK is also attracting new and innovative companies to establish their business here in the UK.

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However the fact that health specialists, IT professionals and teaching experts will be sought-after in the UK that could lead to greater opportunities for those who come from India. Due to the high demand for teachers and educational support positions teachers from India are required to get specific certifications to be able for employment for the UK.

The UK Government has announced a new Health and Care visa for medical doctors nurses, medical doctors, and other healthcare professionals who are in high need in UK due to the pandemic. Anyone applying for the Health and Care visa will not have to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge, which is amounted to PS624 per individual for the year.

UK has also announced new Start-up visas and Innovator visas that will complement the current Global Talent Visa.

A new Highly Skilled Visa was revealed during the Budget Speech which will be in effect from 2022. information will be made public within the next few months.

UK as well as India have agreed to a deal on migration called “The Migration and Mobility Partnership’ on May 4, to improve work visas available to Indian citizens under a New immigration agreement.

This unique arrangement will allow approximately 3,000 young professionals from India to move to the UK every year for two years , to learn, work and travel, as well as take in the British lifestyle and culture.

People who are admitted into the UK under the new scheme can switch to a Skilled Worker Visa or other admissible visa categories, which will can lead to permanent residency and British Citizenship.

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This will be a significant benefit for those who want to relocate from the UK without the need for a job.

It is important to note that the time spent in the UK in the Student or Graduate options does not count towards the requirement for permanent residence in the UK in which case the minimum qualifying period for most categories is five years. The other visa categories discussed above will lead to Permanent Residency (also known as Indefinite Leave To Remain) after five years, and British Citizenship after one additional year.

The UK has taken the vaccination campaign seriously and as consequently, the economy and the country are gradually opening up. There are many possibilities to Indian learners and workers with skills.

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