Countries With Visa Lottery for Africans 2022

Immigration is a regular feature in our modern world. People are constantly looking to obtain visas to countries that offer better grasses. This program permits immigrants to get a visa at random. Visas through lottery programs are only available for countries that send less people to the US each year. However, this program is free to all. It is the United States and Canada are the main countries offering visa lottery services to people from all over the world. The program runs every year and has around 50 000 immigrants being granted visas. The countries that have a visa lotteries lottery (2021) provide an online application for immigrants to are able to apply for visas. Are you interested in knowing which countries are that have a visa lottery? Check out this article until the final.

Countries which provide Visa lottery tickets.

The Visa lottery program was introduced by the United States according to the 1990 Act. The US allows visas to foreigners from different countries via a lottery on computers. Canada also provides the program to immigrants from all over the globe.

There are United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands and a couple of other countries also offer visa lottery application.

In this article, we will look at the eligibility and conditions for the lottery for the United States.

Non-eligible countries to participate in the lottery for visas (2021)

The countries that are eligible for the visa lottery include countries with less than 50,000 residents who migrate to the US each year. The visa lottery program allows people to the US from Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean.

The visa lottery program is conducted in all countries, with the exception of a few. Below is the list of countries which aren’t eligible for the visa lottery 2021 program.


The majority of African countries can apply for the lottery for visas. The one country that doesn’t be eligible for the visa lottery within Africa is Nigeria.


Asia countries which are not eligible as a part of the lottery system include; Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, South Korea and the Philippines and Vietnam. Any different Asian regions, in addition to those mentioned above, can be eligible for the 2021 visa lottery.


The United Kingdom is not eligible to participate in this program since it has a record of sending more than 50,000 migrants to US each year. Other British dependent regions, such as those of the Faroe Islands, Anguilla and several other dependent regions are not also qualified.

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North America:

Canada is not eligible for the visa lottery program.

Americas as well as the Caribbean

It is important to note that the Diversity Visa lottery isn’t eligible for certain countries. These include: Columbia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, Haiti, El Salvador, and Venezuela.

Conditions to participate in the Visa lottery 2021 program.

The Visa lottery program is distributed among six regions across the World. The number of visas that are given out depends on the speed of immigration to the applicant’s home country.

It is available to countries that received under 50000 people each year in the past five years. This has been designed to ensure that regions with lower levels of immigration receive the most visas by way of the lottery.

Visa lottery eligibility:

Apart from the eligibility criteria based on your country of birth, other elements can make you qualified. The requirements for qualification include education and Work experienceor occupation.

Education/ Work experience:

High school or equivalent is required when applying for a lottery lottery to win a diversity visa. You may also need to have experience that is at least two years in the last five years working in a position that needs at two years of formal training.

There is also a specific job that is eligible for the lottery lottery that allows diversity. There is a department of labour that Department of labour has particular jobs that qualify for visa lottery applications. Click here for the job openings listed on the Department of Labour (DOL)

Visa lottery is an legal means to obtain a visa for the US. The eligibility requirements and requirements are simple to meet.

How do you apply for the lottery for visas

This lottery comes with an easy process for applying. The eligibility of your application is an important factor as it determines your eligibility to apply online. We will give you the steps and directions on how to apply for the visa lottery.

  • Complete an online form to apply for admission. The application form asks you questions regarding your personal information.
  • Upload a valid ID picture. The ID photo taken by the government is mandatory in the process of applying, and it should be taken following the guidelines.
  • Check your application before submission to ensure that there are no mistakes.
  • Complete the entry form and send it to the appropriate government authorities

Note that the visa lottery application is completely free and does not require any cost. But you must meet the eligibility requirements and meet the necessary requirements to be eligible.

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People from countries that aren’t eligible cannot apply for the lottery of diversity visas program.

The winners of the lottery for diversity visas will be notified once an algorithmic computer system randomly picks successful applicants.

If you’re one of the winners, you are able to start applying for the visa. Are you unsure of what you need to do to go about obtaining a visa? This section will provide everything you need to learn about visa applications.

Visa requirements:

To get your visa accepted, it must be done by submitting specific documents and completing the requirements. This can be accomplished by knowing the rules and guidelines. In this article, we will provide you with the fundamentals of applying for an immigration visa.

A passport signed by the applicant with at minimum 2 blank pages. The passport should have validity for at minimum the next six months.

Passport photos that are at least three months old with white backgrounds. The dimensions of the photos must be in line with the guidelines.

A cover letter for business or an official letter of consent by an employer.

Completed visa application form.

A Letter of Invitation

Bank statement that proves the existence of funds. The bank statements need to be up-to-date.

NOTE: For children who are not yet 18 years old needing a birth certificate as well as a the letter of consent of parents or guardians are required.

If you have the needed documents and other requirements in place then the second step would be to move on with the application for a visa.

How can I apply for the visa you need?

The process of applying for a visa via the lottery program is not provide a specific procedure. But, the application procedure may differ based on the kind of visa being sought. Here’s an overview of how you can apply for an entry visa.

In the first place, go to the visa application site and register your profile. Once you have an account created and completing the online form. It is important to fill in your complete information and contact details on your application.

Make for an appointment to visit the Embassy. It is also necessary make payment online for the fee to apply using PayPal or debit/credit cards.

Print an online registration form as well as the receipts for payment. The forms are needed at the centre of the interview. During the interview it will likely be necessary to answer few questions about your trip. Additionally, you must provide the necessary documents and requirements required following the interview.

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Visa applications will then be reviewed and approved if it is in compliance with all the conditions. Once approved, your documents return to you, along alongside your passport.

Most Frequently asked questions and answers

What is the average number of Visa lottery visas available each year?

Diversity visa lottery is a system that provides visas throughout the year. It is a program that provides visas every year. United States of America (USA) gives visas to over 50 000 people each year under this program. The application process is carried out toward the close of the year between October and November. The 500 000 people are divided into six locations around the world. Countries with less immigration to the US have a greater number of visas issued by their nationals.

Does my application for a lottery ticket for visas have an effect on my visa for tourism?

The application for the diversity visa lottery won’t affect the likelihood of you obtaining your travel visa.

What is the reason you aren’t eligible for an Green card?

As per law, according to US Immigration law, any person who is found guilty of committing an “aggravated criminality’ is not eligible for a green card , or permanent citizenship.

Are married couples eligible to be eligible for Diversity Visa lottery?

A couple who is married can apply for the lottery for visas. If one of them is chosen, the couple may be granted a visa on marriage-related grounds. The couple has to present the marriage certificate as well as other documents to serve to show proof.

What is the cost of the fee for Diversity Visa lottery participants?

The fee for visas for applicants that are eligible under the lottery program for visas is $330. The visa fee is non-refundable regardless of whether or when the visa is approved.

In my opinion, you’ve already learned about countries where there is a visa lottery 2021 and eligibility requirements for applying. The information within this post will lead you through the program for visa lottery along with visa application forms and other pertinent information.


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