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Check Your qualifications status

It is a requirement of the Diversity Immigration Visa (DV) Program is a requirement for the principal DV applicant to possess at least a high school degree or the equivalent and two years of qualifying work experience in accordance with regulations in U.S. law.

If you don’t have either the necessary education or the required work experience and are therefore not qualified to apply for a Diversity Visa. (Only you as the applicant, have to meet these requirements. Your children and spouse don’t have to fulfil this condition.) It is advisable to avoid a DV application If you do not have the required education and work-related experience requirement as outlined below, as you might not be qualified to apply for a diversity Visa and any costs you incur to apply for a visa are not refundable.

High School Education:

Education involves completing a formal course of secondary and primary education that is comparable to a 12-year program in the United States. Only courses that are formal satisfy this requirement. Equivalent documents (such as G.E.D.) are not accepted.

Employment Experience:

To be eligible for work experience, you must have at least two years of experience over the past five years in a job that is defined by U.S. Department of Labor guidelines, requires at minimum two years of formal training or work experience. This is known as job Zone 4 or 5, which is classified as the specific vocational preparation (SVP) score of 7.0 or more.

The U.S. Department of Labor provides information on job duties, knowledge and skills, education and training, and other occupational characteristics on their website It is the O*Net online database that categorizes experiences in five “job zones.” Although many jobs are listed, however, just two years’ work experience in specific occupations are enough to qualify an individual to be eligible for the Diversity Visa.

How to Locate the Qualifying Occupations on the Department of Labor Website: Qualifying for DV occupations is listed in O*Net Online, which is the Department of Labor O*Net Online Database. Follow these steps once you log into O*Net Online to find out what occupations are eligible for you to be eligible for the Diversity Visa:

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Find Occupations” under “Find Occupations” select “Job Family” by pulling down the menu.

Then, browse “Job Family”. (For instance, choose Architecture and Engineering) and then click “GO”;

Then, click on the link that corresponds to the job you are interested in. (For example) click on Aerospace Engineers. In the lower part of the Summary Report of Aerospace Engineers, under the Job Zone section, you’ll be able to find the job zone. Zone 4, SVP Range, 7.0 to < 8.0. This is a sign that, in this case, Aerospace Engineering is a job that qualifies for a DV program entry.

Passport Requirements: In the Beginning when DV-2021 entries are made, the regulations of the Department of State require that all applicants provide an active passport number at the moment of DV entry, in the event that they are not able to get a passport and qualify for one of the three exemptions. Passports have to have validity for travel internationally. International passports, which are issued by certain countries, are not suitable for DV entry requirements. It is recommended to not pursue the DV application if the applicant has listed an invalid or false identity on your DV entry, or you chose to opt-out of the passport requirement and were not able to meet the requirements to be exempted, since you might not qualify to apply for a diversity visa. Also, the fees you pay for the application process cannot be returned. (Only you as the applicant who is the main applicant, need to satisfy the requirements. Your spouse or children are not required to satisfy this condition.)

Exemptions due to Passport Requirements

The Department of State’s regulations allows for three specific exemptions from the requirement to have a passport. The three exemptions are those who are stateless, citizens of a country controlled by a Communist government that are not able to get passports through the administration of the country controlled by the Communists or beneficiaries of individual waivers approved by both the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of State.

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If you choose any of the exemptions when filling out the DV entry, you’ll be required to state how you are eligible for any or more of these exemptions. The exemptions only apply to those who are not able to get an identity card.

If you chose to apply for an exemption due to delays in getting an identity card, regardless of whether or not the delay was your fault it is not a reason to be eligible to be exempted and might not be eligible for a diversity visa. It is recommended to not pursue a DV application if you have selected an exemption available on your DV application and are not actually falling in one of the categories that are exempted in which case you might not be qualified for a diversity permit and any fees you incur to apply for a visa are not refundable.

Stateless Individuals: In general, statelessness is a very rare occurrence. If you’re DV entry, you have selected the appropriate box for the exemption, you have to prove that you have not acquired the nationality of the birth country under the laws of the country you were born in and that you don’t possess any other country of origin.

The nationals of a communist-controlled country If, when you completed the DV admission, you have checked the box for this exemption, you need to prove that you are not able to get a passport from the authorities of the country you are a citizen of.

Individual waiver beneficiaries If, in the DV entries, you ticked the box for this exemption, you need to prove that you are not able to get a passport and the reason why you need to receive a passport waiver. For example:

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1.) An earlier U.S. visa was issued to you on form DS-232, because you were not able to get the necessary passport and the same reasons you used to have previously applied for a waiver of the passport are still valid.

2.) Form I-193 was approved by USCIS due to the fact that you were not able to obtain a passport and the same reason for which you had previously applied for the waiver of your passport are still valid as well.

3.) Documentation proving that you were given refugee status by another country different from the country where you reside due to the persecution you’ve endured from the authorities of the country you have a nationality, which makes it difficult for you to get the passport of that government without risking more damage.

You should also consider not making the DV application in the event that you don’t satisfy the qualifications in terms of education or experience as described above or if you submitted an incorrect passport number in your application or chose an exemption that you are not eligible for. This could make you unfit to apply for a diversity visa and any charges you incur to apply for a visa are not refundable.


Having read all the requirements needed to qualify and begin your U.S Visa lottery application without any doubt that you meet them, follow this link to begin your registration process.

Please do take you time to digest the steps before entering the required information needed for the DV entry so as to stand a better chance of being selected.

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