A Guide To Study In The UK 2021

Over 70 of the universities within the UK are among the top universities in QS World Rankings. The universities located in the UK are ranked 4th among the top 10 institutions on the rankings of QS World Rankings.

A Guide To Study In The UK 2021

It is possible to choose to study in the UK for career advancement and academic progress due to the world-class education system that the nation offers. But, the high-quality instruction that British universities offer helps to mould its students into professional in their chosen fields of study. This is due to the broad knowledge and experience that its faculty members provide who do not just encourage students to excel in their academic studies, but also in other extracurricular activities. This guide for students to this guide to the United Kingdom will reveal the best schools in the UK as well as the cost of livingand the most prestigious scholarships available in the UK and visa conditions.

UK University Study Guide for International Students 2021

University of Oxford – THE Ranking #1; QS Ranking #2

University of Cambridge – THE Ranking #2; QS Ranking #1

Imperial College London – THE Ranking #3 QS Ranking #3

University College London – THE Ranking #4, QS Ranking #4

London School of Economics & Political Science – THE Ranking #5; QS Ranking #8

University of Edinburgh – THE Ranking #6, QS Ranking #5

King’s College London – THE Ranking #7, QS Ranking #7

University of Bristol – THE Ranking #10, WS Ranking #9

University of Warwick – THE Ranking #9, QS Ranking #10

University of Manchester – THE Ranking #8, QS Ranking #6


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The Most Popular Degree Programmes In The UK

Many outstanding courses are provided by UK colleges and universities and colleges, leading to qualifications which are accepted by companies and academics around the globe. Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees as well as MBAs as well as PhDs are the first things that come to mind when we think of the higher education credentials available within the United Kingdom. However, there are numerous alternative options.

Bachelor’s OR Undergraduate Degree

A Bachelor’s or an undergraduate degree is an academic program that is designed to give you an understanding of the area of study. It typically takes three years to complete a full-time degree (four in certain institutions). The most well-known degree programs in the UK comprise: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Education (BEd) as well as Bachelor of Engineering are some of the degrees offered (BEng). Undergraduate programs in the UK could cost between PS10,000 to PS35,000.

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Foundation Courses

The foundation course is equivalent to the initial two years in an honours-level degree; it is able to be completed either at a full or part-time pace and includes academic studies that are complemented by work-based learning. It is able to be completed as a separate qualification or you could proceed to the final year of your honours degree following the completion of the foundation course.

Master’s Degree

A Master’s degree from the UK lets you expand the knowledge you have gained in a particular field or pursue a totally different route, by utilizing the skills you gained during your undergraduate study. The Master’s degree is an academic title given to those who have shown an increased level of proficiency in a specific area of study. The cost of postgraduate courses can range from PS9,000 and PS42,000 depending on whether the course is in a classroom or lab-based.

Diploma In the UK

Two-year full-time DipHE classes are usually equivalent to the initial two academic years in a Bachelor’s degree . They often used to start in the final year the relevant Bachelor’s degree program. They may be academic, however they’re usually tied to a specific job or field that includes social work or nursing.


An Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is a credential that is globally recognized that gives you the necessary skills to succeed in the field of management. Strategy and business policy operations as well as strategic management, advertising, research financial and accounting, information technology as well as human resource management leadership as well as entrepreneurship and trade are just a few of the subjects which are covered in MBA programs. The tuition costs for one year MBA courses vary from PS10,000 to PS15,000; whereas, MBA courses at top schools such as Oxford and Cambridge could cost as high as PS45,000.


The highest level of academic achievement that a student can attain is the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD/DPhil). These degrees are very difficult to obtain and often will result in jobs in academia (as professors or researchers). Students who earn at least a 2:1 or better at the undergraduate level are able to apply for doctoral programs. While you don’t need an advanced degree, it’s a normal to pursue one prior to the start of a PhD

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A Complete Guide To Studying In The UK With Scholarships

  • Chevening Scholarships 2021

The Chevening scholarship was established in 1983. The program is designed to create world-class leaders through attracting a pool of exceptional and talented students from all over the world to attend university within the UK. Since the program’s creation, more than 50 thousand students have been awarded this award of scholarship.

The scholarship is supported from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office as well as The UK government. Chevening scholars are picked through an official of the UK Embassy and high Commission from around the world.

The goal of this scholarship is to develop people who are leaders, and influencers through the development of them both academically and personally.

Eligibility for Chevening Scholarships for 2021:

  • You must be a permanent or citizen resident of the country in which the chevening program is available. Candidates are able to join British Universities from more than 160 nations.
  • Candidates must accept that they will return to the country of origin for a minimum of two years after the award’s period of validity.
  • You must have proof of an undergraduate degree when you want to take post-graduation courses with at least a 2:1 and upper division.
  • You must have at least 2 years of experience working in the subject of study.
  • Get an unconditional offer letter to their program from at least one of the universities out of the three they have to apply to.
  • Dual citizenship applicants are not eligible for this scholarship. Neither is anyone who has the citizenship of a refugee country which is not eligible for chevening.


  • Euraxess UK

The scholarship is available to students in order to fund for their projects in research. Students are able to apply for funding within the fields of Humanities, Formal Sciences, Natural Sciences, Professional and Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. Euraxess is managed and funded through the British Council acting as a aid to students who are planning to move to the UK for their studies at tertiary level. Any applicants from ASEAN can apply for this award.

  • Commonwealth Scholarships

The commonwealth scholarship is offered through the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) and grants scholarships to students studying at the following academic levels:

  • Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships
  • Commonwealth PhD Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Master’s Scholarship

These scholarships are given to gifted and talented students from middle- and low-income families. This award is designed to students who wish to develop into the future leaders of tomorrow.


Eligibility for Commonwealth Scholarships:

1. A citizen or resident of a commonwealth nation

2.Having attained an undergraduate level that has at least a second-class (2:1) scores. For those who are applying for PhD and PhD programs, they also need a Master’s Degree.

3.Providing proof that you are unable to sustain yourself financially.

  • The Royal Society Grants

The Royal Society is a fellowship of some of the world’s top scientists. It offers a range of scholarships to international students who wish to attend university in the UK and build their science-related skills, and ultimately wish to be contributors to their respective fields of research. These Royal Society Grants are especially for those with a scientific interest and a desire to build connections with countries across the globe.

Top Grants provided from The Royal Society:

  • Apex Awards
  • Challenge-Led Grants
  • Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship
  • Entrepreneur in Residence
  • FLAIR Fellowship
  • International Collaboration Award
  • International Exchanges
  • Industry Fellowships
  • Public Engagement Funds
  • Partnership Funds

UK University Study Guide With Cost Of Living & Other Expenses

For students from abroad who live in the UK, the annual average cost of living in the UK is around PS12,000. For undergraduate degrees that are full-time international students can anticipate paying between PS 10,000 to PS 30000 each year. Students from other countries’ expenses for tuition for full-time courses vary between PS 10,000 to 13,000 each year for postgraduate degree. The cost per year for research and laboratory-based services is at PS 14,000 for the year. UK Visa and Immigration mandates that you use an annual amount of PS 1,265 for studying in London. This amount is in addition to tuition fees. It is the minimum you need to prove in order to get the visa required to learn in London. This amount is less than other regions of the UK. In accordance with UK Visa and Immigration, you must make at least PS 1,015 per month if you are studying at universities outside of London. In accordance with your way of life, your spending budget will be different and will be influenced by how much you socialize and determine a portion of your expenses in life within the UK.

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